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 {Octavian Legion} Setting Expectations!

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PostSubject: {Octavian Legion} Setting Expectations!   {Octavian Legion} Setting Expectations! I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 3:28 pm

Greetings!! Welcome to The Octavian Legion!! I created this post to set your expectations. What you as a person/soldier can expect from The Legion and what you can expect from The Legion in return.

A brief history about The Legion. The Octavian Legion was created and founded by Julius Octavius. It was compromised and housed some of the greatest people known to history. The Octavian Legion primary goal is to enhance and see Galloway prosper. Enhance our organization and it's members so that we may grow and become stronger. We will utilize all means to make this happen. Political, Army, Navy every means necessary to achieve our goal. Now being led by his son Alexander.

As a soldier, we expect you to follow orders to the T and dot, with minimal questions for security reasons. We expect you to be active at all times able to Log-In everyday possibly before and after reset. To receive and execute orders. We expect you to be active in the Forum as well able to give some feed back on the intel we release to you. Able to contribute to intel whenever possible as well. We expect utmost Loyalty from every of our soldiers.

What you can expect from your/the Officers and Leaders. You can expect us to be active, able to Log-In before and after rest to be able to give our orders in a timely manner. To be able to give specific orders and be transparent as we can be.

What can you expect from The Legion. You can expect never to be bored and to be able to do something exciting. You can expect as to be transparent as much as we can whenever it is possible and there is no risk or danger to anyone within the group if the information is shared with everyone. Rewards: Promotion in rank within the Legion, Pounds, Political Power, Army/Naval Power and lot more.

What Galloway/Scotland can expect from us. With our guidance we will make Galloway/Scotland in to a fearsome County/Country anyone has ever seen. We will build her up from her Towns>County>Country from the bottom up. We will build and make her foundations strong. Build up her coffers and her people along with her. Unite her people under one banner, under one nation. Galloway/Scotland will be very strong when it comes to Politics, Army and Navy. This is our dream. But we cannot make it alone. We will need everyone who is dedicated to her to come and help us. I know united we can do this.
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{Octavian Legion} Setting Expectations!
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